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There is a different green in Karadeniz’s nature that is poured into its cool water. Winter is different summer is much more different cool weather, tablelands are filled with fresh air, friendly people in contrast to its weather, sovereign mountains, bush forests, fresh waters and fertile earth with all of this Karadeniz(Blacksea Region) is the heaven in the world presented to humanity. In a concreting world this region is a hidden garden to escape from streets of the cities that are polluted, cold walls of the buildings and so on.
This huge region is not only limited with natural beauty for sightseeing. Karadeniz is opening its doors with sea costs for your summer vacations and historical places for the curious people. Your first stop in Karadeniz would be Akçakoca. You can freshen yourselves in Akçakoca sea cost where blue and green comes together with clean shores and fresh water on the other hand you can colour your vacation with historical houses, castles and caves. Genoese Castle, Fakıllı Cave, Cumayeri, Mehmet Arif Köşk (Mansion),Mahalle Evleri (Neighbourhood Houses), Aktaş and Sarıyayla Waterfalls, Melenağzı Village and Beach, Çayağzı and Akkay Beaches are among the places to be seen in Akçakoca. Hazelnut products which are produced in the region, site-specific wild strawberry and jam,blackberry and chestnut honey with all of these locality addresses to your relish.
İnebolu which is a lovely district of Kastamonu city will take you to the Liberty war with its own history while charming you with its bright blue water and green nature. Photograph-lovers don’t forget to take your cameras. While walking around slinky streets of the İnebolu ochre painted houses will be waiting for you to take pictures. İnebolu shouldn’t be ignored because of its kilometres long coast and 145 years old lighthouse.
We wouldn’t be exaggerating if we call Amasra as a corner from heaven which is a peninsula lying to the north. Named as Büyük Liman and Küçük Liman(Big harbour and Little Harbour), its bays are ideal places for summer time to take a fresh breathe. Either you can enter sea from the coast or you can enjoy the bay with daily boat tours. Every time crowded beaches, fish restaurants, Amasra Castle from Roman Period, Genoese Chateau and the Road Monument which also belongs to Roman period, are the places to be seen. Don’t forget to see GorilKaya(Gorilla Rock) which is in Göçkun Bay and take panoramic picture of Amasra in new Ahatköy junction.
Cide district of Kastamonu is the meeting point of untouched bays, canyons, orchid, cyclamen, magnificent oaken, deer and brown bear, honey, very delicious fish, walnut halva briefly every colour of the nature. Cide district represents you Karadeniz in a best way with its long beach, vertical mountains to the coast, gorgeus green bays and yet another green forests.
Famous with its houses, Safranbolu becomes prominent with Turkish house architecture, labour and accessories of 18th and 19th century and takes place in World Heritage List. Some of these mansions were restored and now used as restaurant or cafeteria. You will feel like you are in a museum when you touch door handles. Apart from that, you can walk around Arasta Bazaar, drink a tea or coffee in the square, taste Safranbolu Delight which you will remember for a long time and visit Çinci Han. Hıdırlık Hill is another place that will captivate you. Safranbolu is considerably dizzying with museums, mosques, mausoleums, historical fountains, inns, traditional baths, clock tower and shadow clock. Tirebolu takes its name from the ancient city Tripolis which was established and named by Miletus B.C 7th century.

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