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Turkey is the only country that is bridge between Asia and Europe continents. Both natural and cultural richness and nearness to natural resources Turkey’s geopolitical location is the primary. Because of this Turkey hosted lots of nation and, was the aim of many empires and witnessed lots of war for this reasons. Anatolia and Rumelia that has been the residential area of numerous community, forms Turkey’s borders. Within these borders by holding traces of history in 7 different region of the country, in spite of developing technology and industrialization there are still wonders that protects its beauty and exhibits it to us with all its generosity.
Istanbul is the evidence for that by summarizing all of the properties of the country in two shakes. It embodies Turkey’s all properties with its architecture and hidden heavens. In addition to this, Turkey is opening doors for everybody from every part of the world with its all cities and all localities. On the one hand Ephesus, Bursa, Çanakkale and so on for the historical vacations, on the other hand nonesuch natural beauty that amazes visitors Pamukkale, Cappadocia, 4 season vacation possibility serving Karadeniz(Blacksea) Ege(Aegean) and Akdeniz(Mediterranean) Regions Turkey is hosting millions of guest every year. Either you can breathe relax and green fresh air in the middle of summer or live an unforgettable summer vacation in Mediterranean shores. If you want relieve your stress by skiing over Bursa’s magnificent Uludağ in winter or taste different winter meals of the country in the eastern part of Turkey. Turkey is one of the fantastic countries that you can spend your vacation in every city and every region with hospitable people of it. It is impossible for you to not to come across with different countries’ mosques, different period’s churches and synagogues in every corner of the Anatolia which hosted every kind of people from every nation during the ages. Armenian, Catholic, Bulgarian churches Roman patriarchates various cathedrals and synagogues that blinds you with their different architecture is existing in every part of Turkey. And also Christian world’s important pilgrimage center House of Virgin Mary is in the countries’ on of the most precious cities. You can be sure that this region which is hosting numerous pilgrim, can welcome you with different alternatives. Of course it is not just sightseeing places of Turkey that gains currency. The countries each region has got their own culture climate and cuisine also. The diversity that you cannot find over the world is just available in court kitchen. All kind of meals and all kind of pleasure addressing Turkish cuisine will make you lick your fingers. Again each locality will open a door to a different culture and meet you with different tastes and you will be amazed richness of the cuisine.
It is not possible to fit beauties of this world wonders in this few minutes. There is no need to be pessimistic if you do not have time to travel all over the country. There is a website that gives you detailed information about Turkey’s most beautiful cities
Turkey Tour Packages is organizing private or group daily tours and package tours all around Turkey. Organize your vacation in Turkey with reasonable prices by the help of experienced Travel Agency based in Istanbul, Turkey. Expert in private and group tours, blue cruises, tailor made vacations, hotel reservations domestic flight bus and train ticket reservations all around Turkey. Tour to Turkey is amazing and awesome experience that is different from tours to any other part of the world. Tours to Turkey is itself a wonderful experience if blended with experienced people to guide the excursion.

جولات خاصة

لقد تم تنظيم جولات خاصة تركيا و خاصة اسطنبول تورز - شور نزهات في تركيا سنوات عديدة ل تنفيذ المهام كروز السفينة و نحن نعلم أن " و الإبحار كروز هو حلم " و نحن نؤيد ذلك الحلم خلال خدماتنا الرحلات الشاطئ . كما الموقع الإلكتروني Travelturkeyy.com، هدفنا هو جعل زيارتك لا تنسى في تركيا . كما ترون على موقعنا على شبكة الإنترنت ، تشغيل جميع الرحلات الشاطئ لدينا على أساس خاص ؛ 1 . وسيتم الوفاء لك في الموانئ لدينا الدليل السياحي تحمل لافتة مع اسمك على ذلك ، 2. سيكون لدينا الدليل السياحي وسائق يكون مع مجموعتك أثناء زيارتك المواقع و المتاحف على مسار الخاص بك ، 3.

From Istanbul to Cappadocia Pamukkale Ephesus Package - 4 Days 3 Nights(From 300 Euro)

Istanbul to Cappadocia (L)
05.15 You will transferred to Airport. Flight from Istanbul to NEVSEHIR /KAYSERI.
Met on arrival at Kayseri and you’ll transferred to Cappadocia.
09:30 Full Day Cappadocia Tour – (North) Visiting;
Zelve Open air museum where three canyons meet in the Valley. Then visit Devrent Valley to see the unique fairy-chimneys. Drive to Paşabag (Monks Valley) to see most interesting mushroom-shaped pinnacles.

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