Cappadocia Tours from Istanbul (FROM 200 Euro)- 1 Day 2 Nights

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Cappadocia Tours

Formation of this unique heaven which is found right into the center of Turkey dates back to 60 million years. Starting with the volcano’s repelling of the lavas this adventure has ended with hot and cold weather, winds and rains, formation of unusual buildings. These amazing buildings which have housed different societies came to these days by carrying hand labour and emotions of each. Now the natural wonders called by their names: Fairy Chimneys. Cappadocia area center of which is consisted by Fairy Chimneys history starts with Hittites. This area, found over the Silkroad, was the dream of many kingdom and empire because of its geopolitical location. This region was invaded by Persians in B.C 6 century and also named by them as “Land of Beautiful Horses” “Cappadocia”. This incredible country which was dream of Alexander the Great was under pressure of Romans and had important roles in protection of Christian world and spread of Christianity. Houses, church and temples and sanctuaries of those communities, fairy chimneys, constitutes the center of Cappadocia spread around the cities Kırşehir, Niğde, Aksaray ve Kayseri and Niğde as the center of them. Later on Rome, Byzantines Seljukian and Ottomans had the management of the region and carries traces from each of them, now is a cultural heaven which entertains millions of tourists every year. Cappadocia has got things to be seen other than this extraordinary natural formation Fairy Chimneys. For the museum lovers; Nevşehir Museum which exhibits ancient works, tombs, daily stuff that old men used, some glass stuff from Roman Period, Islamic Period ancient handwritings and antique hand looms, will take you to a tour which starts from ancient ages and ends up today. Integrated with Fairy chimneys of Cappadocia’s lovely town Göreme’s historically most important place Göreme Open-Air museum will open the mysterious doors of Christianity. This region was built by the time’s Kayseri region Archbishop Aziz Basil in 4th century as a religious education and notion center, monasteries, church, chapels and dining halls of this building were carved in a rock. Besides, there are many churches that you can go and see. Unusual churches carved in fairy chimneys or rocks played an important role at that time, on the other hand they were a unique place to prevent from Roman oppression and lay people to rest. When you enter the churches you will witness how this natural wonders Fairy Chimneys affected that communities because this churches exhibit the bible on their walls. The oldest of those churches is Çavuşin Church. Besides that Pancarlık Kepez and Sarıca Churches which are around the Pancarlık Valley are enormous churches that came today by protecting their wall decors. There are lots of valleys in the region other than Pancarlık Valley.All of the residential areas, each of them different art works of churches monasteries and graveyards are found in these valleys. The oldest and the most used one of them is Zelve Valley, known as the first place that Christianity started to spread over the region. Other than this, Paşabağ Valley where Fairy Chimneys are located and the best place to observe the formation of Fairy Chimneys and the Devrent Valley where you can also find Fairy Chimneys and you can liken them with human because there you can find the most different Fairy Chimneys and known as “Dream Valley”. Devrent Valley and Üzengi Valley are also some of them that you can find both natural and historical elements of the region together. Cappadocia is also filled with castles that can amaze you with its historical misery and where you can see magnificent view at the end of underground cities and stairs. You can also catch up some mysteries of the history in these castles.

Multiple Days
2 days

DAY 1: Istanbul to Cappadocia (L)
05.15 You will transferred to Airport Flight from Istanbul to NEVSEHIR /KAYSERI.Meet on arrival at Kayseri and you’ll transferred to Cappadocia.
09:30 Full Day Cappadocia Tour – (North)
Zelve Open air museum where three canyons meet in the Valley. Then visit Devrent Valley to see the unique fairy-chimneys. Drive to Paşabag (Monks Valley) to see most interesting mushroom-shaped pinnacles. Drive to the city of Avanos for lunch. In the afternoon visit Göreme Open-Air Museum where the remains of rock-hewn churches and Christian settlements date back hundreds of years. Before end of the tour visit the naturel Castle at Uçhisar. After the tour transfer back to the hotel.
Overnight stay in Cappadocia at Cave Hotel.
DAY 2: Cappadocia (B-L)
You will have nice-breakfast at Cave Hotel.
09:30 Full Day Cappadocia Tour – (South)
Red Valley and explore the famous rock-hewn churches and through the Gulludere Valley, Then visit Cavusin Vlilage. This village is famous for houses and churches of the Christianclergymen. Drive to the Pigeon valley for lunch. In the afternoon visit the underground city of Kaymakli, which was home to early Christians, finaly heading to the natural castle of Uchisar to conclude your Cappadocia tour.

At the end of the tour transfer to NEVSEHIR/KAYSERI airport and flight back to Istanbul.
Met on arrival at airport in Istanbul & transfer back to your hotel in Istanbul.


Goreme is a small village set amongst ‘fairy chimney’ rock formations in the historical region of Cappadocia in Turkey. 2000 years ago Mount Erciyes erupted, leaving these soft rock formations, covering a 20,000 km² area.

Istanbul is the heart of turkey, the only city in the world on two continents and the most populated city in Europe. The country has over 2000 years of history and is the former capital of three successive empires, the Christian, Islamic and Ottoman Empires.

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