Beylerbeyi (means “Lord of the Lords”) Palace was built as the summer residence of the Sultans, is located at Beylerbeyi neighborhood on the Asian shore of the Bosporus. It was ordered by the Sultan Abdulaziz and built in between 1861-1865 by the chief architects Sarkis Balyan and Agop Balyan.

The palace, built by Sultan Abdülhamid II in the late nineteenth century, was used as the Sultan’s private residence. The palace museum is situated where Abdülhamid’s carpentry workshop once was; it mostly holds the Sultan’s personal possessions.

Dolmabahçe (filled in garden; in the early 17th century a villa was erected here on a filled in piece of ground) is the name for a palace built by members of the Armenian family Balyan. It was built in 1843-1856 for Sultan Abdül Mecit.

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