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Ephesus Tours

Ephesus which was one of the most important cities of its time is found in the borders of Selçuk district of İzmir that is the pearl of Aegean Region. This ancient city that is thought to be established in B.C 6000 was one of the 12 cities of Ionia in Ancient Greek period. The mound that are found near the inner circle of Ephesus and the ceramics, firestones various stone and bronze axes that are taken out of them shows us that the city and its environment reaches to Neolithic Age.
Real establishers of this seaport is also the Greek immigrants that came in B.C 1050. But the Ephesus which is serving as a sightseeing place was built much more later by one of the Alexander the Great’s generals in B.C. 300. You will see that the streets of this city which are prepared by General Lysimachus’s grid plan cuts one another vertically. The city lived its pride in Hellenistic and Roman and was the capital of Roman Empire has got a lot of monumental buildings from that period. This seaport where commerce was the means of the existence had lost its importance because of the silts filling the shore and different nations captured it and at the end Turks invaded it in 1330.
It is not just being an important seaport that provides Ephesus to be so much important. Artemis culture which is based on Anatolia’s ancient mother of goddess Cybele tradition has got the most important and the biggest temple here .Although there is only a few marble block left today from the Artemis temple whose foundation has been reached by the recent studies, this historical building is still protecting its being the most important work of the neighbourhood. Another Roman period beautiful building is Celsus Library. You must see this building because it is both a library and a mausoleum. You will come across with an incredible architecture when you go to Ephesus’ best known building this library. If you come across with a concert Celcus Library which welcomes you sculptures, blocks and all of its magnificence, your vacation in Ephesus will turn into a dream. If you dream that classic music’s magic is mixed with an ancient city atmosphere, you will understand what kind of a dream it is.
Another important building in Ephesus that Christians might know well is House of Virgin Mary. It is said that Virgin Mary lived her last days with St John in this church which receives millions of pilgrim every year. Serving as pontificate and graveyard before this church is a sightseeing place not only for Christians but also for people from every religion and every culture with its architecture and ethereal atmosphere.
The cave where the resurrection story is believed to happen is also in Ephesus. There is a church in the place of Eshab-I Kehf cave which is also called as gliridae(7sleepers) because of the seven young men who escaped from pagan persecution and fall their eternal sleep. You will be witness to this miracle by the story of Gliridae (7sleepers) whose grave is also found out of the ancient city. Ancient Ephesus city is hosting a different history starting from paganism and going to Christianity. You will see this in the architecture that consists of gymnasiums, theatres, church and temples that are sheltering to ages. While you are getting into different mythological story’s mysteries in each corner, you will be surprised with the mosque which is built right into the center of Christian unsteady history. Fountains that are flowing history instead of water, mausoleum of different stories’ heroes, amazing public toilets and baths and with the streets where you will breathe history it is a different heaven. It is not possible to fit the ancient city’s monuments buildings and other beauties into these minutes.You can see more details with us.

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The ruins of the Temple of Artemis. One of the seven ancient wonders of the world. Then on to visit Ephesus Ancient City, the best preserved Greco-Roman city in the world. Here you will explore the Agora, Odeon, Curettes Street, public toilets, Celsius Library, Hadrian Temple, Roman Baths, Grand Theatre, Marble Street. After a lunch break depart for the House of Virgin Mary and visit the chapel where she is said to have spent her last days. After the tour transfer back to Izmir airport and at
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