Black sea sumela monastry

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It is 1150 metres above sea level. Sumela Monastry, standing at the foot of a step clip facing the Altındere Valley, in the region of Maçka in Trabzon province is called as ‘Virgin Mary’ among the people. The monastery which is 300 metres high from the valley, sustained the tradition of founding monasteries outside of cities, in forests, caves and at the water resources.
The main parts of the monastery are the Rock Church, chapels, kitchens, student rooms, library and the spring which is believed to be sacred. These constructions are built to a rather wide area. The path is without destroying the natüre fort he visitors more comfortable and reliable destination.


At the east end of the Black Sea, the celebrated city of Trabzon was founded as a Greek colony in the 6th century B.C. and became an important mercantile and trading center. Today's modern Trabzon retains much of its old charm, and many parts of city offer

Istanbul is the heart of turkey, the only city in the world on two continents and the most populated city in Europe. The country has over 2000 years of history and is the former capital of three successive empires, the Christian, Islamic and Ottoman Empires.

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