Uzungol Black Sea Tour

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Uzungol which is 1090 metres above sea level leaves the Alps behind with its cliffs and splendid forest. The lake which is formed by landslide making the stream bed to become a natural dam in the valley of Haldizen Stream is called ''Uzungöl''. Especially the old wooden houses near by the Şerah village add to the scenery.
Uzungöl which attracts both natives and foreigners is rich in touristic potential. When it comes to wild life at the surroundings of the mountains there are some animal species such as bears, wolf, wild goats, foxes, Kafkas mountain roosters.
Heading to Trabzon city is either done by plane or bus because it lies in the north of Turkey. This place is characterized with its mountains and long lakes as well as forests. Many places like Sumela Monastery Golden valley, Zigana village, Uzungol Lake and the city of Eder is visited by many Arab tourists and those places are preferred for their calm, simplicity and beauty. Tourists can observe the architecture and engineering of the fourth century from one side and the beauty of the nature from the other side. The region is characterized by cold weather and frequent rain during winter and spring.


Uzungol (Serah Lake) is located 99 km. from Trabzon, 19 km. from Caykara and 1090 m. above the sea level. A great number of broken rocks from the slopes filled up Haldizen stream and Uzungol was formed in this way. The lake is 1000 m. long, 500 m. in width and 15 m. in depth.

At the east end of the Black Sea, the celebrated city of Trabzon was founded as a Greek colony in the 6th century B.C. and became an important mercantile and trading center. Today's modern Trabzon retains much of its old charm, and many parts of city offer

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