Istanbul Dinner Cruise on the Bosphorus by Night (65 Euro)

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Istanbul Tours

Istanbul is the biggest city of Turkey in terms of population, culture and economy. Although it is not the capital of the country, Istanbul is known as the center of Turkey in business, tourism and entertainment. So it is the second most crowded city in Europe while it is on the first place in Turkey. The city which unites Europe and Asia has other reasons to be chosen as a residence apart from provided job openings. First of those reasons is the Istanbul’s cultural wealth and unlimited entertainment choices which appeal to every age and every kind of person. Istanbul is lively and restless all day long and every season by every kind of concerts, fests and the activities that are running all day long in different places, exhibitions that take part periodically in the city and theatres, musicals and operas. In addition to this Istanbul is a real treasure from historical aspect. History of the city, which has been capital of 4 different empire including Byzantine and Ottoman, reaches to the B.C. Istanbul that carries traces from every corner of the history, unites not only civilizations but also the divine religions by mosques, church and synagogues. Istanbul has the first place in the list of the cities that a person should see before death if we start from the million stone which is in the Sultanahmet Square and accepted as the midpoint of Istanbul and with lots of palaces, fountains, church, mosques museums and squares. You can start your tour in this city, whose most important feature is reuniting two continents, with a boat tour in the Bosphorus where Marmara Sea and Black Sea water is coming together will be a perfect starting to get to know historical and natural tissue of the city. Boat tours for every budget and every time of the day with different entertainment introducing you history’s magnificent architecture that encircles the Bosphorus and at the same time it will be a perfect experience for the people who can’t find time to see infinite beauty of the city. It is impossible for you to not to come across buildings that are competing with each other in terms of beauty from every age every religion in each neighborhood in Istanbul which is the cradle of civilizations and the cultural capitol of Anatolia. One of them is Sultanahmet Mosque (Blue mosque) which has got 6 minarets and Ottoman imperial Sultan Ahmet had it made on the hippodrome square that has got few ruins of Byzantine Empire and named with his own name. You will feel yourself in a very different time while looking at the Blue Mosque which stands across with Hagia Sophia that was once a patriarch cathedral and turned into a mosque by the conqueror of the Istanbul Fatih Sultan Mehmet and now used as a museum. For the curious people, Fatih, Süleymaniye and Eyüp Sultan mosque which were built by Ottomans’ most important Imperials to the special and skillful architects constitutes Istanbul’s most important architectural buildings and Islamic centers. Istanbul also involves lots of patriarchate, Armenian Greek and Catholic churches and nearly 25 thousand Israelite citizen and synagogue for them by the help of its national richness. Topkapı, Çırağan, Beylerbeyi and Dolmabahçe Palaces which have been used as a house for sultans and statesmen are also some of the buildings that worth to be seen. Apart from that Istanbul has got lots of palace and so forth. For example ; İbrahim Paşa Palace which was made by the time’s very important statesmen, Aynalıkavak that witnessed different historical occasions and has traces of different architects, Hidiv, Ihlamur, Küçüksu and Maslak pavilions and Adile Sultan Palace, Çİfte(double) Palace and other buildings are waiting for visitors. Visitors will not be able to hide their admiration to these buildings’ architectural structure and the other features they have added to Istanbul while witnessing Istanbul’s cultural and historical evolvement and change.

Half Day
1 day

** Pick up from hotel around 8 pm for the boat
** Welcome cocktail on boat deck ( Non alcoholic)
** Uskudara Gideriken (A traditional Turkish musical performance)
** Asuk Masuk (A play of dwarfs , performed by 2 male dancers)
** Belly Dancer
** Henna Ceremony ( Bride ceremony before the wedding)
** Folk Team
** Turkish Meze (Turkish hors d'oeuvres dish)
** Fresh seasonal salad
** Main Course ( Grilled Fish or Chicken Steak )
** Dessert ( Fruite or Sweet)
** Turkish coffe
** Unlimited soft drinks
** Unlimited local drinks Romany Dance

Transfer back to hotel around 11 30 pm


Istanbul is the heart of turkey, the only city in the world on two continents and the most populated city in Europe. The country has over 2000 years of history and is the former capital of three successive empires, the Christian, Islamic and Ottoman Empires.

The Bosphorus Bridge spans the Bosphorus Strait and provides the unique chance to step from one continent Ortakoy (European side) to another Beylerbeyi (Asian side), within a few minutes. The Ataturk Bridge carries 200,000 vehicles and 600,000 people a day......

Tour Price

Date Range Pax From Pax To Per Person Double Per Person Single Supplement Triple Per Person
2013-05-01 to 2013-11-15 1 1 65.00EUR

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